How do we make sure our quality meet the needs?

The needs of users in jumbo bags are indeed very specific in quality as it will cause so much problems when there are breakages. It might cause harms in the workers who do the loading of the goods also when problems occurs. In our company, we have drop test and filling machines for the jumbo bags either it is one ton bags or two tons bags to make sure that the safety factor of the bags are being met

Kebutuhan pelanggan atau pemakai jumbo sangat dipengaruhi oleh kualitas karena akan banyak masalah bila terjadi jebol di karung jumbo tersebut. Kesalahan pemilihan di kualitas juga bisa menyebabkan kecelakaan kerja di users. Di PT Kemilau, kita selalu memastikan untuk melakukan drop test di mesin filling supaya sehingga safety factor bisa terpenuhi dengan baik.

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